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2017 Trent Trophy Day

T01 SL Juvenile Trophy WTFQ - Final (13).pdf
T02 Juvenile 2 Dance TF - Final (14).pdf
T03 Juvenile 1 Dance VW - Final (15).pdf
T04 NL Under 11 WF - Final (16).pdf
T06 Under 10's WQ - Final (18).pdf
T07 Juvenile Novice TQ - Final (19).pdf
T08 Juvenile Beginners WQ - Final (20).pdf
T09 SL Junior Trophy WTVFQ - Final (21).pdf
T10 Junior 2 Dance WT - Final (22).pdf
T11 Junior Open VW - Final (23).pdf
T12 NL Under 14 FQ - Final (24).pdf
T13 NL Junior All Girls WQ - Final (25).pdf
T16 SL Juvenile Trophy CSRJ - Final (28).pdf
T17 Juvenile 2 Dance SR - Final (29).pdf
T18 Juvenile Paso - Final (30).pdf
T19 NL Under 11 RJ - Final (31).pdf
T20 NL Juvenile All Girls SJ - Final (32).pdf
T21 Under 10's CJ - Final (33).pdf
T22 Juvenile Novice SR - Final (34).pdf
T23 Juvenile Beginners CJ - Final (35).pdf
T24 SL Junior Trophy CSRPJ - Final (36).pdf
T25 Junior 2 Dance SJ - Final (37).pdf
T26 Junior Paso - Final (38).pdf
T27 NL Under 14 CS - Final (39).pdf
T28 NL Junior All Girls RJ - Final (40).pdf
T31 SL Amateur Trophy WTVFQ - Final (43).pdf
T31 SL Amateur Trophy WTVFQ - Round 1 (43).pdf
T32 SL Under 21 Years WTVFQ - Final (44).pdf
T33 SL Senior I WTVFQ - Final (45).pdf
T34 SL Senior II WTVFQ - Final (46).pdf
T34 SL Senior II WTVFQ - Round 1 (46).pdf
T35 SL Senior III WTFQ - Final (73).pdf
T35 SL Senior III WTFQ - Round 1 (73).pdf
T36 Senior IIII (65 Years Over) WTFQ - Final (48).pdf
T38 NL U35 Pre Amateur WTFQ - Final (50).pdf
T39 NL O35 Pre Amateur WTFQ - Final (51).pdf
T39 NL O35 Pre Amateur WTFQ - Round 1 (51).pdf
T40 NL U35 Intermediate WFQ - Final (52).pdf
T41 NL O35 Intermediate WFQ - Final (53).pdf
T41 NL O35 Intermediate WFQ - Round 1 (53).pdf
T42 NL U35 Novice WT - Final (54).pdf
T43 NL O35 Novice WT - Final (55).pdf
T44 NL U35 Beginners WQ - Final (56).pdf
T45 NL O35 Beginners WQ - Final (57).pdf
T46 Open Foxtrot - Final (58).pdf
T46 Open Foxtrot - Round 1 (58).pdf
T46 Open Foxtrot - Round 2 (58).pdf
T46 Open Foxtrot - Round 3 (58).pdf
T47 SL Amateur Trophy CSRPJ - Final (59).pdf
T48 SL Under 21 Years CSRPJ - Final (60).pdf
T49 SL Senior I CSRPJ - Final (61).pdf
T50 SL Senior II CSRPJ - Final (62).pdf
T52 NL U35 Pre Amatuer CSRJ - Final (64).pdf
T53 NL O35 Pre Amateur CSRJ - Final (65).pdf
T54 NL U35 Intermediate CSJ - Final (66).pdf
T55 NL O35 Intermadiate CSJ - Final (67).pdf
T56 NL U35 Novice CS - Final (68).pdf
T57 NL O35 Novice CS - Final (69).pdf
T58 NL U35 Beginners CJ - Final (70).pdf
T59 NL O35 Begineers CJ - Final (71).pdf
T60 Open Rumba - Final (72).pdf
T60 Open Rumba - Round 1 (72).pdf
T60 Open Rumba - Round 2 (72).pdf
TS01 Under 8 Waltz - Final (1).pdf
TS02 Under 8 Cha - Final (2).pdf
TS03 Under 10 Quickstep - Final (3).pdf
TS04 Under 10 Jive - Final (4).pdf
TS05 Under 12 Tango - Final (5).pdf
TS06 Under 12 Samba - Final (6).pdf
TS07 Under 14 Foxtrot - Final (7).pdf
TS08 Under 14 Rumba - Final (8).pdf
TS09 Under 16 Waltz - Final (9).pdf
TS10 Under 16 Cha - Final (10).pdf
TS11 Under 16 Quickstep - Final (11).pdf
TS12 Under 16 Samba - Final (12).pdf

Result sheets created by Easycomp are saved in Adobe PDF format. To read these files, you will need a PDF reader installed on your PC. If you haven't got one installed, Adobe offer a free reader which can be downloaded from the link below,

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