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2018 Pre Stars ProAm Area June Event

PA102 Opal U12 WTVFQ - Final (82).pdf
PA114 Opal U12 CSRPJ - Final (94).pdf
SD301 1st Step U10 TQ - Final (1).pdf
SD302 1st Step U12 TQ - Final (2).pdf
SD303 1st Step U14 TQ - Final (3).pdf
SD306 Medial U10 WQ - Final (6).pdf
SD307 Medial U12 WQ - Final (7).pdf
SD308 Medial U14 WQ - Final (8).pdf
SD309 Medial U16 WQ - Final (9).pdf
SD311 Open U10 WT - Final (11).pdf
SD312 Open U12 WT - Final (12).pdf
SD313 Open U14 WT - Final (13).pdf
SD314 Open U16 WT - Final (14).pdf
SD316 1st Step U10 RJ - Final (16).pdf
SD317 1st Step U12 RJ - Final (17).pdf
SD318 1st Step U14 RJ - Final (18).pdf
SD321 Medial U10 CJ - Final (21).pdf
SD322 Medial U12 CJ - Final (22).pdf
SD323 Medial U14 CJ - Final (23).pdf
SD324 Medial U16 CJ - Final (24).pdf
SD326 Open U10 RS - Final (26).pdf
SD327 Open U12 RS - Final (27).pdf
SD328 Open U14 RS - Final (28).pdf
SD329 Open U16 RS - Final (29).pdf
TS201 Ruby U12 WFQ - Final (31).pdf
TS203 Ruby 14-15 WFQ - Final (33).pdf
TS204 Ruby U25 WFQ - Final (34).pdf
TS205 Ruby U40 WFQ - Final (35).pdf
TS206 Ruby 40&Over WFQ - Final (36).pdf
TS207 Ruby 60&Over WFQ - Final (37).pdf
TS208 Turquoise U10 WFQ - Final (38).pdf
TS209 Turquoise U12 WFQ - Final (39).pdf
TS210 Turquoise 12-13 WFQ - Final (40).pdf
TS211 Turquoise 14-15 WFQ - Final (41).pdf
TS213 Turquoise U40 WFQ - Final (43).pdf
TS214 Turquoise 40&Over WFQ - Final (44).pdf
TS215 Turquoise 60&Over WFQ - Final (45).pdf
TS216 Pearl U12 WFQ - Final (46).pdf
TS226 Ruby U12 CRJ - Final (56).pdf
TS227 Ruby 12-13 CRJ - Final (57).pdf
TS228 Ruby 14-15 CRJ - Final (58).pdf
TS230 Ruby U40 CRJ - Final (60).pdf
TS231 Ruby 40&Over CRJ - Final (61).pdf
TS232 Ruby 60&Over CRJ - Final (62).pdf
TS233 Turquoise U10 CRJ - Final (63).pdf
TS234 Turquoise U12 CRJ - Final (64).pdf
TS235 Turquoise 12-13 CRJ - Final (65).pdf
TS236 Turquoise 14-15 CRJ - Final (66).pdf
TS238 Turquoise U40 CRJ - Final (68).pdf
TS239 Turquoise 40&Over CRJ - Final (69).pdf
TS240 Turquoise 60&Over CRJ - Final (70).pdf
TS241 Pearl U12 CRJ - Final (71).pdf
TS243 Pearl 14-15 CRJ - Final (73).pdf

Result sheets created by Easycomp are saved in Adobe PDF format. To read these files, you will need a PDF reader installed on your PC. If you haven't got one installed, Adobe offer a free reader which can be downloaded from the link below,

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