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Pink Jukebox Trophy 2020

Mens Ballroom A - Final (6).pdf
Mens Ballroom B - Final (7).pdf
Mens Ballroom C - Final (8).pdf
Mens Ballroom C - Round 1 (8).pdf
Mens Ballroom D - Final (9).pdf
Mens Latin A - Final (2).pdf
Mens Latin B - Final (3).pdf
Mens Latin C - Final (4).pdf
Womens Ballroom A - Final (14).pdf
Womens Ballroom B - Final (15).pdf
Womens Ballroom B - Round 1 (15).pdf
Womens Ballroom C - Final (16).pdf
Womens Ballroom C - Round 1 (16).pdf
Womens Latin A - Final (10).pdf
Womens Latin B - Final (11).pdf
Womens Latin C - Final (12).pdf
Womens Latin C - Round 1 (12).pdf
Womens Latin D - Final (13).pdf

Result sheets created by Easycomp are saved in Adobe PDF format. To read these files, you will need a PDF reader installed on your PC. If you haven't got one installed, Adobe offer a free reader which can be downloaded from the link below,

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