Easypad Accessories

Although the EasyPad system is delivered with everything needed to start scrutineering using electronic marking, there are a number of very useful accessories that will make your life easier, and the most popular ones are listed below

This compact 10 station USB charger is ideal for charging your EasyPad devices. It can be purchased from Amazon using this link

Short USB charging cables for it can be found here

A handy storage and carrying case for it be found here

Although the wi-fi router supplied with the EasyPad system will handle even the largest ballrooms, a more powerful version is available, if required. It offers about 50% more signal strength and range, and it is available from Amazon using this link

An uninterruptable power supply (UPS) will protect your router against power cuts and brownouts, and keep the wi-fi connnection to your EasyPad devices running smoothly. It is available here

Replacement batteries for the 4" pads can be purchased here