Frequently Asked Questions

No, Easycomp is only compatible with PCs running Windows. There are no plans to develop a version for Apple computers.

Easycomp is perfectly safe to download and the warning message is just the anti-virus software being cautious. You should tell your browser to download it anyway, but the method of doing that is different for every browser. Look for a link that says "other options" or similar.

Yes. Click on the "Buy Now" button. When you see the Paypal login screen click the button titled "Pay by Debit or Credit Card".

No, you can buy a backup licence for your second computer. A backup licence is very low-cost licence, it is only activated the first time you run it and it will expire seven days later.
Think of it like a fire extinguisher which hangs on your wall until you really need to use it, but after you have used it, it must be replaced with a new one.
You can only buy a backup licence if you already have an annual licence, and the backup licence must be of the same variant as the annual one. For example, if you have an Easycomp Pro annual licence, you can't buy an Easycomp Elite backup licence. Customers are limited to one backup licence in any 12 month period.
Contact us, giving the Easycomp serial number of your main and backup computers.

Yes you can. Just follow these steps.

  • Run Easycomp on your old computer, then click on "Licence", "De-activate Licence".
  • Make a note of your de-activation code and your Easycomp serial number. You will need both of those later.
  • Download and install Easycomp on your new computer and run it.
  • Make a note of your new Easycomp serial number shown on the start-up page.
  • Contact us, giving your old Easycomp serial number, your de-activation code and your new Easycomp serial number.
  • We will send you a licence number for your new computer.

Please note that you cannot transfer a licence in the first 10 days after purchase. After 10 days you are free to transfer it.

There are two possible reasons for this:

  • Make sure that you have disabled the options "Preview recall before printing" and "Preview results before printing" in the "Options" menu "Printing" tab.
  • Check that you have installed Adobe Acrobat reader, and that it is set as the default application to open PDF files. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat, there is a link at the bottom of the Download page where you can download it for free.
    Note that Windows 10 automatically sets Microsoft Edge to be the default application, so you will have to change it to Adobe Reader. Google "change default application to open PDF" for details of how to do that.

Yes you can.

  • Open the event whose results you want to upload.
  • Click "Results", "Upload".
  • Click "Administration" in the top left-hand corner.
  • Confirm that you want to define your own FTP settings and set the values as required.