Easycomp is used weekly by many qualified scrutineers. What do they think of it?

"I used your software on Sunday and I think it's brilliant, very easy to use." - L.S.

"The software made it so much quicker to do the work so it's paying for itself in spades." - G.L.

"I have found it very easy to use, the system is user friendly... The best bit for me is the way that all Ballroom & Latin Events can be loaded onto the internet for people to look at and download." - N.H.

"Ten dance was great - so easy. Can't believe how easy and quick to upload results to the web." - J.C.

"I thought the first version of Easycomp that I used was good but the latest version is even better... Thank you, you make our job so much easier!" - L.H.

"It is certainly, without reservation, a carefully considered, thoroughgoing program of excellence - an essential tool for the Scrutineer... Excellent!" - S.N.